Social media is great for engaging supporters. But in the midst of Tweeting, blogging, and “liking,” some nonprofit organizations can lose sight of the need for a clear call to action. Unless you let your supporters know what you need from them, you may find the results of your social media campaigns disappointing.

A call to action may ask supporters to donate their time or money. It may ask them to advocate on behalf of your organization and increase your reach. It may ask them to make a lifestyle change, by recycling their waste or reducing energy consumption. How can you do that with social media?

If your aim is to spread the word, add a “Please Re-Tweet” request to the end of your tweets or create a viral video for YouTube and ask your supporters to share it.

If you are seeking donations, set an overall target or suggest a specific amount per donor. You can link donation amounts to what they can achieve.

Make it easy for supporters to make donations online through JustGiving or Facebook causes.

Make lifestyle changes specific and achievable, such as recycling all glass containers or switching off lights in empty rooms.

The clearer your call to action, the more likely your campaign is to succeed. Don’t forget to check out the links in this post for examples of successful social media call for action campaigns!

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